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One of its last hardware designs, however, was an external CD-ROM drive for the A1200 that featured the CD32's Akiko chip, thus turning any A1200 into a CD32-compatible system.

The only currently known surviving prototype of the CD1200 drive resides at the Retro Computer Museum in Leicester.

The CD32 can be enhanced using these devices: Pro Module, Paravision SX-1, DCE SX-32 (which optionally includes 68030 CPU) and TF328 (Which adds 2.5" IDE and 8Mb of Fastmem).

Unlike most game consoles, this menu does not allow the user to delete items.

Consequently, the SX-1 can be jarred loose if the console is not handled gently.

The upgraded SX-32 expansion pack (which included a 68030 Commodore itself made no hardware available for that purpose.

In the Christmas period following its launch, the CD32 accounted for 38% of all CD-ROM drive sales in the UK, exceeding sales of the Mega-CD; however, it was soon overshadowed by CD-ROM based games consoles from other companies, and was discontinued as Commodore went into bankruptcy. A federal judge ordered an injunction against Commodore preventing them from importing anything into the United States.

The magazine in January 1994 stated that "in spite of Commodore's earlier efforts to disguise the fact—the Amiga is a great gaming platform", but wondered if the company could successfully market the console in the US; "The CDTV fiasco certainly isn't reassuring. Commodore had built up CD32 inventory in their Philippine manufacturing facility for the United States launch, but, being unable to sell the consoles, they remained in the Philippines until the debts owed to the owners of the facility were settled.

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The CD32 launch bundle includes two games, Diggers, a new game from Millennium Interactive, and Oscar from Flair Software.

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